Evo is a new personal training company specialising in EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology combined with skilled personal training. It is a great fitness solution for all ages and fitness levels.

Welcome to the world of EMS and Personal Training

With training sessions as short as 20 minutes, EMS can help with all aspects of your fitness and training goals. Please just click on the topic below for more information. We are passionate about making sure we provide a programme tailored to your specific requirements so if your question isn’t answered below or you would just like a little more information please email us at hello@evo-training.co.uk and we would be delighted to help. We also offer all forms of conventional personal training and will create individual plans which cover the time with your personal trainer as well as exercises for you to do in-between sessions. We want you to get the most out of your Evo experience.

This is a great programme for overall toning. The impulses from the control device will help tone and shape your figure. Nothing else gives you results in such a short space of time.
We know how hard it can be to shift fat from different parts of the body. EMS works by stimulating your muscles and increasing your metabolism which promotes fat burning. An added benefit of this programme is it speeds up your lymphatic system which helps reduce cellulite.
The technology doesn’t just work in isolation. It works brilliantly with conventional training and can make a significant improvement to your endurance, resilience and overall performance. We are delighted to offer both EMS and conventional training packages.
We can help you regain or even improve your tone and condition after pregnancy. This is a very specific programme aimed at helping you rebuild the deep muscle fibres and connective tissues affected by pregnancy.
For anyone short of time, needing to kick start an exercise regime or who simply don’t enjoy the gym environment we can create a tailor made plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Posture is greatly affected by your core stability and muscle imbalances. These are often deep muscles which are hard to reach. We will work with you to build a programme using both EMS technology and conventional training to help improve your posture.

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